• NAGA Chalk Marker - 16mm Black (Item No: G14-12)

NAGA Chalk Marker - 16mm Black (Item No: G14-12)

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G14 12


We produce a wide range of different markers: chalk markers, whiteboard markers, black, white or in different colours, thick or thin, with bullet tips or chisel tips - we supply the complete range.

Ideal for decorating and writing on glass, window, board, glossy board and all non-porous surface.
Most NAGA markers is based on liquid chalk and color pigment. Inside the marker is a flexible spring for adjustment of the chalk and the color. The inner spring must be activated before you can use the marker. Most of the markers is water based and easy to wipe of, when it is dry. Use cloth or board eraser.


  • 6 mm. Bullet Point
  • 2 pcs. pack
  • Chalk marker 16 mm.
  • Colour: Black 


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